The decontamination unit for treatment of transformer oils from PCB “Melioform-PCB-5000”, supplied to the  Russian Railroads JSC under the UNIDO / GEF project “Environmentally Sound Management and Final Disposal of PCBs at the Russian Railroads network and other PCBs owners” was officially presented to the partners of the project. The event was held at the Manikhino power sub-station of the Istra district of Moscow region.

The facility is the only one of its kind at the moment in Russia, allowing to treat electrical insulating liquids from PCB contamination and to reuse them in technological processes.

The presentation was attended by the First Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer of Russian Railroads JSC, Sergey Kobzev, Deputy Head of the Department of Rosprirodnadzor for the Central Federal District, Nikolay Beloglazov, Deputy General Director of the Russian Energy Agency, Zukhra Galperina, and others.

The presentation provided an overview of the functioning of the equipment with pure oil (not contaminated with PCB), main technological units and procedures, and experience of transformer oils treatment in other countries at similar facilities.

During the discussion, which took place after the equipment presentation, the participants noted the high importance of environmentally sound disposal of PCB- contaminated oils, as well as the significant contribution of Russian Railroads JSC and UNIDO to the creation of a PCB management system in Russia. The parties additionally discussed the economic efficiency of the implementation of programmes for decommissioning of PCB-containing equipment and materials, and agreed to join forces in developing a PCBs management system in order to meet the targets of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants on time.